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   Did you know that Pablo Picasso had already created significant art work by age eight? Or that Jean Piaget, the famous psychologist, published his first article at age 11? Or that Lope de Vega, the 16th century Spanish playwright, wrote his first play at age 12? Unquestionably, the support and encouragement these creative young geniuses received early in life played an important role in their contributions to the arts and human understanding.

At Chesapeake Style, the spirit of encouraging youthful creativity is alive and well in every issue on the Teen Style pages. We are committed to making a difference in the opportunities afforded high school students by offering them the chance to see their creative works published. Through our Teen Style pages, supported by local businesses, we highlight their creative writing, art and photography.

Participation is open to any student in grades nine through twelve who lives in Mathews, Middlesex, Gloucester, King William, King and Queen, Essex, Richmond, Westmoreland, Northumberland, or Lancaster counties. Categories are: Art, Photography, Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry.

Work may be submitted electronically to or Forms and work may be submitted on CD,s or micro drives. Permission forms may also be submitted electronically.

Download the Guidelines and Permission forms Here